The dark phase of the alchemical process

Well “dark” is a loaded word that operates on many levels. In the Old Times “dark” was considered evil and “light” good, but after the dawn of the New Era or Eon, its changed. Dark is actually a form of light, its so bright that it cannot even be perceived as being light at all.

Does that mean we embrace evil today? Well no, people have always had and used their own innate capabilities for these choices.

Good and evil are also relative to a degree. Some evils are huge and obvious, like the horror of WWII. Obviously a nuclear WWIII would be even worse and even more obviously evil.

But ultimately most “evils” are simply transgressions against traditional norms that are completely harmless.

The real evil is the traffic in human flesh. The politicians rail against human trafficking, but what we’re talking about here goes far deeper than those surface symptoms. All of capitalism and systems like communism equally subjugate the individual, communism by the state, which boils down to the managerial classes, and then capitalism where ultimately the tiny financial class owns the entire system.

Ultimately this could come to an end in the long run, you can see workers rising up in China against their conditions.

Inhumane conditions are inhumane whether you’re American or Chinese or Indian or English. People know when they’re being mistreated.


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