surviving priest abuse

Well I have a reason for my unique perspective. At first I liked being catholic so much I wanted to join the priesthood… till I was  abused on a nearly daily basis for four years by the local priest.

That caused a brutal crisis on all levels, right at the time I was starting the standard crisis of puberty. So it was nearly fatal, and if you look back at catholic teen suicide figures I think it would be startling, but no one will “go there” and try to make the correlation.

So I’m a catholic rebel, but I have taken the Cardinal’s apology, the problem is they can apologize and even accept my magick, but they still continue to fight the Truth.

So I found another catholic church, the Ecclisia Gnostica Catholica, who’s ritual it takes from Crowley and is run by the oto. Neither organization was founded by Crowley, he simply ran them at one time and laid down the imprint of the philosophy of Thelema upon them.

So how does this relate to Roman Catholicism?

Well the new ritual of the oto is like a re-write that still contains the central secret mystery that is deeply deeply veiled within the Roman Catholic Church.

The problem with the Roman Church is that its run by a bunch of guys who are after wordly power for themselves, at the bottom its about the ego gratification of a few elite deviants at the expense of everyone else. The oto is more like a fraternity while the Roman Catholic Church is still like a cult in the way they treat their members.


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