More signs of the Death of Liberal Catholicism

Yeah, the Catholic Bishops are circling the wagons against Obama. While Cardinal George from Chicago is quietly hiring priests who have been convicted of pedophilia, at the same time they’re trying to convince Catholics its a sin to be a democrat.

Why is this? The Catholic leadership are basically the worst kind of devil worshippers. They originally took the figure of Jesus, and wrapped him in the clothes of a Sun God and attributed to him all the miracles from the pagan Sun God traditions.

Why was this done? Well the actual teachings of Jesus were dangerous and radical, dangerous to the Roman Empire. So the best way to defuse this danger is to do like Microsoft, Embrace and Extend.

So this system of control is actually the oldest in the West.

The goal of the church is not to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ, its to turn every living being into a groveling vassel of the Pope.

And pedophilia helps their cause, as it destroys the very spirits of the “flock,” its a great way for them to remind us that the clergy don’t follow ordinary morality.

For ordinary people its black and white, no sex is acceptable except for procreation. But for the clergy its basically whatever, if you want to rape an infant, go ahead, do whatver the hell you want, as long as its evil!

So you wonder why the vatican supported the Nazis, they could’ve run the world in a partnership between the Feur and the Pope, with the whole world enslaved.


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