the irony of the 1980s "Satanic Panic"

If you dig around you find the Catholic Church, and prominent Catholics like Geraldo Rivera were involved in the smoke and mirrors known as the Satanic Panic.

While its true that you had little ad hock home made “Satanic” cults in the 1980s. And you had some home grown psychopaths like Richard Ramirez. These were real, the former usually managed to torture small animals, while the latter get caught and go to jail.

The irony is that while the Church was supporting the “Satanic Panic” phenomena on the one hand, on the other they were covering up abuse so horrible that it easily qualifies as anyone’s worst nightmare idea of “satanic ritual abuse.”

Now that doesn’t mean the Church is a satanic cult, but it means that the leadership has been absolutely spineless in the face of real evil in their midst.

Not all priest abuse is satanic abuse either, most like mine was actually christian abuse, in that jesus was invoked to force me to make a “sacrifice” not satan, except in mentioning that God could unleash satan on my family. But no worship of satan or anything like this.


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