Ecclisia Gnostica Catholica Won’t Hold You Back

Yes, the Roman Catholic Church is completely broken, and the Pope refuses to allow it to be fixed.

So why bother with them anyways?

Why not join the Gnostic Catholics, and at the least spend some time with some really decent, fun-loving, wonderful people?

We don’t hide from sexuality, the power of woman is front and center when the priestess channels the great goddess down into her body.

People want to call us “satanists” because they don’t really know what Crowley was all about. I mean we are the creed of Light Life Love and Liberty, now that doesn’t some very diabolical now does it?

In fact, make a comparison, look at the Roman Church, where they have labelled as offensive to God the very means by which new people are born. Any thought about procreation, or what is the deepest love a human can experience is considered a mortal sin against God.

In Thelema things are only a “sin” if they restrict ourselves or others. Thus pedophelia is not good because it restricts the right of a child to grow up without interference in normal development. It injures both an individual and society.

To Roman Catholics you don’t sin against your neighbor, everything is against God, so if someone hurts me, they don’t have to apologize to me, they have to apologize to God.

But God is actually within each of us, so how can one apologize to the Universe. God doesn’t “stoop down” to us, God has no legs, God is the pattern of a waveform, a vibrating particle at the tiniest level combined with every other particle in all of existance.

So how does a priest actually send your penitence up to the cosmic all?


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