the world’s "wickedest" man

Those who know their will find it impossible to knowingly harm the innocent.

Crowley did mention what seemed to be human sacrifice, however this was code language for the use of his own sexual material in often solo work. In his day writing openly about self-erotic-stimulation was a crime, however veiling that practice in language seeming to talk about killing a little boy was perfectly legal in the UK, so it was his twisted way to both veil what he was really doing and scare off timid people who would take it at face value and are too weak and timid to become magicians.

In fact although he was called the “world’s wickedest man” he was bisexual, not a pedophile. Although he wrote some poetry about “pederastry” this is not endorsing sex with children, rather it is a comment on Christianity and how the Patriarcal state takes away men’s masculinity and turns them into its “b*thces” in a sense, making them it’s debased slaves. It’s not an endorsement of child abuse.

In fact when he lived with children in Cefalu at the Abbey of Thelema there is no record of any kind of child abuse, sexual or otherwise and the adults who lived with him as children having nothing but nice things to say about the “world’s wickedest man,” its clear both from his serious writings and the accounts of people who actually lived with him, that he never abused children physically mentally or sexually, either his own children or the children of others.

Now he was an advocate of children being free to have friendly relations with children their own age, which is normal development, but in his serious writing about child rearing its clear that he sees adults forcing a child into an adult role as a hideous violation, not just against the development of the child, but against society as a whole, where even the death penalty would be an appropriate penalty if one were found to be violating the development of a child. Not everyone has read all of the serious texts, they go off the yellow press or stuff they’ve heard, or they read certain texts literally.

They don’t understand that in Crowley’s day, writing about masturbation, even in a religious context, would’ve gotten him locked up in prison in the UK. He was working for the Crown as an intelligence agent against Germany and Russia, and while it was useful for him to be seen as being whacked out, he always did so within the boundries of the laws of Great Britain.

Even when he was doing his drug experiments, these were when those substances were legal and done with medical supervision as well. They were controlled scientific experiments, and in the end of his life it was for medical reasons and by a doctor’s prescription.

That’s why its unwise to think using illegal drugs puts one in his footsteps, in fact nothing that he did ever violated the laws of Great Britain, except perhaps his bisexuality, but by the time he wrote about that it was no longer a crime there, however in the gnostic system of Thelema attraction is what it is, as long as its to another consenting adult, rather than someone’s child, or even someone’s pet.

He comments that cultures that are sexually liberated tend to congeal towards monogamy or if polygamy or polyandry, still a kind of familial relationship.

Rather than ask people to abandon family, thelema simply wants to heal it of the oppression of the previous aeon.

Christianity really abhores the family, its the part of the gnostics that they absorbed but gnostic Thelemites reject, that matter is inherently evil.

The family is sacred, but only insomuch as it is a voluntary arrangement. When the wife and kids are at the mercy of the husband, or even if the children are at the mercy of their parents, then there is no liberty.

Thelema is not “Satanism” in fact the current Catholic Church and all other Christian Churches gave birth to this anti-God, Thelemites believe in the law of Light Life Love and Liberty, which is beauty, not the ugliness of so-called “Satanism” which is largely a joke compared to the real Satanists who gave birth to this mistaken idea.

There is no God but God, however God is in three persons, however they are the father the mother and the daughter, there is no satan in there.

Satan could be the Sun, which is the source of all life on our planet, the interaction between the Sun and the Moon which created the tides, Babalon and Satan, Nuit and Hadit.

However this “Satan” is just another mask of God, there is no God but God, so even the Iblis of Islam is but the servant or simply a mask for Allah.

God is Almighty, not even a Pope can sucessfully tempt the almighty, those many have in their papal hurbis, made this attempt.


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