Still We can Pray to the Blessed Mother

Yes, but I’m going to create a new aeon statuette, a modified version of the classic, but at her hip, a sword!

It is useful to pray to her to change the Church, in fact I’m starting a session of rosary to pray to her to tranform the Church in the new aeon, make it like St. Monica’s in Santa Monica, completely hitting change headon, but let that spirit rip across the whole church, to understand that Ra Hoor Kuit of the Book of the Law is in fact the second coming of Christ, but the spirit of the Cosmic Christ.

Pray to reconcile the Church to be like the Church of England, which accepts people as they are and accepts the true that mandatory celibacy is as damaging as forcing someone to have sex, and isn’t it funny how the two dovetail? The only sex scandals that the Church of England has is that some don’t accept gay clergy, but they don’t have the widespread abuse system that is like the mafia in the Roman Catholic Church.

Even a cleric like Cardinal Mahoney who has helped to nurture a wonderful parish like St. Monica’s, even he acts like a mafioso when it comes to these cases. Even though he made a deep apology, he ruins it by turning around and circling the wagons.

Instead if he’s worried about prison, maybe he can make an immunity deal! But its not that simple, he’s entangled himself into a horrible web of canon law, where he has these obligations to fight for these scumbags.

He is in no position to change much on a deep level. He is doing what he can, but he seems to either be totally handcuffed or lack the courage to step out and rish his career.

That’s understandable, he’s only human. Saints are the type that will throw away career, or even their life to do the right thing. A Saint will even laugh in the face of the minions of Chroronzon and promise their vengeance at the hands of the Great God, the Almighty who spoke to Moses and Jesus and Mohammad and Aleister Crowley.

Saints like Jaques Demolay who died burned to ashes, denying the foul false charges leveled against the mighty Knights of the Temple.

In fact I’m no longer angry at Mahoney, I accepted his apology. He has to live with his Karma, just like Father R. has to live with all the foul deeds that he has done.

No one is perfect, I’m far from it. However at least I try! I make mistakes, but I keep working to reach the knowledge and conversation of my holy guardian angel, the primary purpose of any human incarnation, mine included.


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