Reading the Doyle book

Its really no suprise that celibacy is a system that has never worked. In fact when the Church was younger and more Pagan it was common for priests to have a female concubine that they openly lived with. The power of the church then was such that no one complained.

However with the reformation there was a new pressure. When the Church was all powerful in Europe you didn’t have witch burnings, and child abuse by clergy was very unusual, clergy having a concubine or even relationships between priests and nuns was far more normal.

You didn’t see either the system of secret child abuse or the inquisition and persecution of women and jews until after the reformation.

Now with the added pressure on the Church and the new competition, there was a drive for definition. The biggest change was the start of what would become the most heinous child abuse factory known the mankind, the seminary.

Boys as young as 10 were taken from their homes and trained for the priesthood. This system continues to this day, and has created a virtual academy of perversion.

Its telling that Aleister Crowley said “I can’t be a Satanist, I’m not a Roman Catholic Priest!” When the Christian Church has so debased itself then its not Anti-God to be Anti-Christian, in fact its not even Anti-Christ to be Anti-Christian when the Christian Church has been overrun by the powers of Chroronzon, the mighty demon of the Kabalah, a truly horrific figure that every adept must tangle with in order to reach the true God, the Crown, Kether.

Only with the help of a special kind of Woman can this journey be made, no man or woman can know God without the aid of the High Priestess.

The High Priestess is inviolate, but she is no passive Virgin, she is girthed about with a mighty sword, and her hand is the only one that can smite mighty Choronzon.

By forcing their priesthood into celibacy and tightening these bounds further and further they divorce these wretches from the only power that can save them!

Their Virgin Mary is powerless and weaponless. By destroying the power of the Priestess they cut themselves off from the only power that can defeat Choronzon, and they make pact with him, not realizing what their priesthood really entails, or knowing and fully embracing with wretched arms, either wolves in sheep’s clothing, or lambs to the slaughter.

There is no “Satan,” the Muslims are correct in that there is no God but God, there may be fallen angels, but they are no competition for the Almighty. The Catholics are right as well, in that God is 3 persons, however they misunderstand who they are, its not the father and the son and the holy spirit, its the father, the mother, and the daughter.

Some clergy understand spiritual alchemy, but even those who know are trapped in a completely unbalanced, and therefore evil system.

Not to say it can’t be rectified. Even a turd, with the proper love and care can be alchemically transformed into a lump of gold!


2 thoughts on “Reading the Doyle book

  1. Choronzon was a “mighty devil” in Crowley’s time,but today, there are new voices amongst the mages in developing communities who view this entity/concept as one that’s only a horror to those who dread it. It is what teaches us to “do what we won’t” while Sophia and Babalon teach us to “do what we Will”. There’s an important balance here.

    I’ve been something of a Choronzonic priestess for the past 26 years. It’s always when I forget to let go, and stop fearing the great 333, that my mind and life start to go shamble-wards. When I left Choronzon behind, recently, things went straight to HE-double-toothpicks. Finally, I woke up, and embraced what frightened me most: change – and that is the key.

    Choronzon is like a ferrymaster who’ll take one across the Abyss, or scare him or her away from trying to see what’s past it. To attempt to destroy Choronzon is to destroy oneself.

  2. 333 isn’t something to fear, but it marks a testing point, will someone stop there and build a fortress of knowledge, or pass across to pour out their whole ego and being into the cup of the goddess. So Choronzon is a reflection of the self on another level. But for a person with really twisted attachments their own twisted reflection becomes amplified to where they ultimately deny the existence of anything but themselves. For these types they live in the illusion that they can wall themselves off from everyone else.

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