Supporting Bishop Robinson

When a Bishop comes out for the right thing, then I feel I have to support him. I don’t give a damn what Mahoney says about it, I know the Cardinal is not as powerful as people would think, if he were he wouldn’t have thrown thousands of children to the wolves to preserve his own career.

In this instance the Vatican and its clone army are acting like you can fix the church’s problems by ignoring them.

However they could be correct. The very basis of the Church is so broken that it may in fact be unfixable. Maybe Bishop Robinson is wrong and the current Pope is doing the right thing in actually accelerating the death of the Church.

The problem is they keep adding new vulnerable people all the time, especially immigrants who feel intimidated to speak out when their children are targetted. Or even in some cases are so desperately poor they’re willing to sell a child into sex slavery to feed the other siblings.

The Church will never regain the shine it once had. Its dirty laundry will remain on view as long as survivors like me refuse to “shut up” and “move on,” no, not until they’ve gone to the very “basement” and cleaned the entire house, don’t just dust off the cuboards and call it a “deep cleaning!”


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