time magazine declares the death of liberal catholicism

Well, I think its a bit premature to declare the death of liberal catholicism. In fact if liberal catholicism dies, the church goes with it. I wouldn’t say that the Pope’s apology changes much, its just a few words after all.

Time does have a point, more and more people are bailing for better alternatives and not just ordinary Protestantism, though some do.

The church really deserves to die at this point. In fact we have a perfectly good Gnostic Catholic Church of Light Life Love and Liberty, the word of whose law is Thelema. So why bother with the old Catholic Church at all?

Well despite all of its horrific problems the catholic church in Los Angeles continues to grow. There continue to be more and more children placed at risk.

The new rallying point for the catholic left should be two pronged, on the one hand fighting the absolute evil of forced celibacy, and on the other fighting superstition and irrationality in all its forms within the old church.

The left wing is still alive, although quite tarnished. Cardinal Mahoney is a good example of someone who basically has the right view on 99% of issues, but to preserve his job worked to enable abuse.

The politics of the Bishops and Cardinals don’t really matter. You had hierarchy from all ends of the political spectrum involved in the cover-up. This was not based on politics but on something else, which we’ve yet to have explained.


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