Who are the Episcopi vagantes

There is more than one catholic church, which most people don’t realize. There is an underground tradition of protest Bishops, who started their own branches of the Church, in rebellion against the abuses of their time.

Despite the fact that the Church has produced luminaries such as Saint Francis, far too often they have produced monsters.

The Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica

Here’s a nice quote from the Wikipedia article on the Wandering Bishops:

Episcopi vagantes (singular: episcopus vagans) are persons who have been consecrated as Christian bishops outside the structures and canon law of the established churches. Many of them are, or claim to be, Roman Catholic. The term is Latin, and means “wandering bishops”.

There are two particularly well-known groups of contemporary and historical episcopi vagantes:

Members and clergy of Independent Catholic, Old Catholic, Continuing Anglican and similar groups usually see the term episcopi vagantes as pejorative.


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