why won’t the pope apologize

Not this Pope, he’s declared the issue of clergy abuse closed, even though there are still many lawsuits around the US, and you have states like Ohio which have legislatively dis-empowered victims or potential victims.

In Los Angeles the changes are real. Cardinal Mahoney has actually made a sincere, personal apology, I received one myself and he really made a 180 degree change from when I first approached the Church years ago with the issue, when I was offered to go on trial under Canon Law!

This time the experience was completely different, and it looks like there’s a permanent change in consciousness where it comes to child safety. However you still have altar boys and girls, so you can still have opportunities for issues. What you see is a much larger mass team, so when I go to mass in LA, I don’t see just a priest and altar boys as at the church where I was abused.

Instead you now see lots of lay adults up there, so you don’t see priests being left alone with kids like you did back in 1980s.

The Cardinal now understands that a victim can’t just ask for healing from God, that the experience is truly devastating and really throws a young person viciously out of whack, so there’s a new level of understanding of the viciousness of these crimes. LA has been forced to face the situation and knows that if it doesn’t protect their kids, the legal system will shut the Church down in LA.

Its too bad that they didn’t follow Jesus’ own teachings about the sacredness of children and weren’t protecting us all along, but as the saying goes, better late than never.

The current Pope’s policies in his previous job setup the situation. Since he has diplomatic immunity, he could just apologize, and even if he admitted wrong doing, he couldn’t be prosecuted.

He doesn’t get it, and the vatican don’t get it, that if they apologize for their very real and very bad policies, they won’t turn things around. Ultimately they will cause the church to slowly suicide itself to death.


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