A secret war for the Soul of the planet

Why is it that abusers seemed to be given free reign to abuse without fear of excommunication or even turned back into laety? There is a phenomena that occultists call the black brotherhood, or the black lodge.

This is something very specific, its certainly not the black panthers or afrocentricity. It uses the term “black” in a special sense, as in the mole on God’s face. Its a person who has made a certain level of spiritual progress, but then something goes wrong.

George Lucus immortalized this in his Star Wars saga, where you see a young and innocent, but perhaps a bit unbalanced Anakin Skywalker become transformed into the ruthless black brother Darth Vader.

He made some progress, he was becoming a Jedi Knight, but in the middle of the process he dropped and and completely “lost it.” His ego got in the way and he chose to literally put a wall of steel around his ego.

So the problem that the RC Church has is that is has some Darth Vaders in its midst, because its so easy to wind up like that. When you combine power politics with religious office and attempts at spiritual attainment, you have a dangerous mix.

Some people avoid problems, but ultimately a life lived without genuine Gnosis is a life lived in abject misery. Those too afraid to work towards the Gnosis are damned by their own fear. Fear is failure, fear causes the subconscious mind to produce the object of the fear, an irrational fear can even manifest the irrational into physical reality.

Fear of devil worshipers caused the inquisition to become the very devils they feared, burning countless innocent women to death as scapegoats for largely environmental or public health issues which were ill understood in those superstitious days.


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