The Pope largely ignores the abuse crisis

Yes we’ll see if the Pope has anything to say about the abuse crisis. There is a policy page that is pretty comprehensive.

However to truly reconcile with the survivors of religious abuse at the hands of his Church, he needs to make a personal apology for the mistakes in policy and enforcement that he made as Cardinal Ratzinger. Cardinal Mahoney has made true apologies for his failures as Bishop and Cardinal, however to a great extent he was simply following the policy that had been put in place by Cardinal Ratzinger as the head of doctrinal enforcement. He was far quicker to defrock Fr. Matthew Fox for unconventional theology than he has ever been to defrock a pedophile priest. Why is this? He won’t answer that, except that perhaps the Europeans who run the Church simply have an antiquated view of the problem. Well at least locally we’re seeing the leadership at least pledging to turn things around. Whether we see the Vatican actively fight these reforms remains to be seen.

At least the Papal website acknowledges the issue, but we need a personal apology from Pope Benedict that as Cardinal Ratzinger he made some terrible mistakes in policy which lead hundreds of thousands or more children to be needlessly abused, destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Even though he claims to be a Pope of Peace, in fact his policies led to a recent blood bath even more horrific than the witch burnings of old, the destruction of the children.


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