google graal poetry

So I take de Boron’s medieval french and pass it through google and then pick out the best bits to make my own poetry:

By Jherusalem

And small Li and driving Li that in front of what Jhesus-Criz Ground Venist, by the diz
Fist of the prophets anuncier its ground arrival, and huchier that Diex its wire envoieroit
That-juice downstream, and must of tourmenz, must of skivers, must of froiz must of sweats simple,
soft, must well aprise, all the fist with its currency.

That ele carried the soft pink who fu dedenz SEN belly encloses and it has me ordered must that I you die
By Jherusalem you will go from there and with the door will your famed, then you will go from there
D’ Evein and of Adam and giter out of hell that enclosed Lucifer of Adam No father,
that Li fist feire Eve No mother by apple that ele and that ele her husband gave.
Lash Lords, which humanity, prist in Virge, humility Power the Enemy, who by Eve had betrayed us.

That Adans its mariz sinned; because an apple Li gave because it saw its tank very naked,
Its famed naked ha, with lust gave up itself. Jà is what with God fust friendly.
Jhesus little deciples avoit, and Judas, that Diex must amoit, a revenue had it one apeloit
That Marie Madaleinne right in the meison Symom came; with the table found Jhesum with its deciples seant,

“Where is ore? Sez-le you?”


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