christian roots of thelema

Interesteting how large the whole gamut of “thelemic opion” runs, from the side that really can also talk to Dr. Hoeller, to the Typhonian side that digs Kenneth Grant and AZL’s “Church of Satan.”

Now that I’ve read a better chunk of Confessions online, I can see Crowley himself really ecompassed the entire gamut. He even had a lot of nice things to say about the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico in 1899, but then also claims that Aiwass is in fact both the Christian “Satan” or “Lucifer,” but also that “God or Devil” of ancient Sumer, so as always the system of Thelema can’t be understood without Grokking that Crowley was trying to very loudly say something about the union of opposites.

In a sense the Mormons aren’t so far off in the doctrine of “Christ” and “Lucifer” being twin brothers.

In fact the whole HGA seems to come from a place of such balance that in fact it is both of these things, in perfect harmony!

How could it be any other way, really?

I think this is why the old aeon has largely gone so badly, with a few notable exceptions. Certainly the Aeon of Osiris lead to the development of massive civilizations, but in its fall, it has left in its wake a legacy of holocaust, abuse and human misery in its wake.

They tried to “destroy evil” and in doing so also have destroyed good as well, and left this “ahrimanic” dryness in their wake.

The difference with the OTO is we “have the juice,” we just have to get better at telling people what we have.

And the fact is, someone could just show up to OTO events, be a decent person, and they could still get through all the teachings of the Man of Earth without any more effort than it takes to be a Christian!

A person could not even be intested in being clergy in the Mass, they could just want to show up and help out a bit, and the could really get through life without very much more effort than a Christian who’s really into their religion would put into it.

Some would say that the figure of “Satan” is totally useless, but Crowley doesn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. He just becomes “the beast,” “baphomet” or “pan,” and not an avatar of malevolance.

But I think its useful to understand the emblem of Baphomet as Levy’s artistic impression of the initiated understanding of Jesus Christ.

The Masons won’t tell you that. I’m not revealing any secrets by telling you what they aren’t!

There is no mention of Satan or Lucifier in any Masonic ritual or play, etc….


This comes from my own somewhat harrowing life experience, its like Hendrix implied in “Staring at the Sun from the Bottom of the Sea.”

Essentially spending two decades in the chtonian hells has taught me balance by what its not!

Now for the Herculean task of Ascending from the pits of Hell to take my throne next to the Father.

Certainly the Gnostic Christ of books like the Gospel of Thomas was a far different figure, however whether those writings were “real” or not is hard to tell.

I believe that “Jesus Christ” is no more real than the “Necronomicon,” but nonetheless, no less powerful and egregore.

Certainly the Jesus myth has been around a lot longer than the Necronomicon, unless it really is a translation of a Greek translation from an archaic arabic, with both books “lost to time.”

But in trying to make “good triumph over evil” the Christians simply produce twice as much evil!

Thus the real battle is not “good versus evil” but imbalance versus balance. So that in a sense could lead one to this kind of socialism in a sense, where the unbalanced forces of global capital have to be balanced with things like free healthcare, welfare, free universities, and the like. Otherwise it leads to either the anarchy of Mob Rule, or the facism of the Police State, where the basic needs of the majority of the population are so severely neglected that basically there’s no way for ordinary people to survive.

There’s a ceratain war of attrition being fought against unwanted populations for some time now. Eugenics didn’t die with the fall of Hitler. Those policies show their ugly face on Mike Moore’s Sicko.

But those are not the product of a Thelemic society, in fact all of this misery and lack of compassion is the product of mainstream Christian society.

Calvinism runs deep in the US, which is really kind of a Christian Brahminism!

Poor people deserve to be stamped into the ground because they are not God’s chosen people! In fact they just need to be woken up!

In fact when its said “my servants shall be secret and few,” that could in fact have more to do with the A:.A:. than with Thelemites in general. Basically the number of people willing to climb the tree of life to finally meet the Lady Babalon all the way up in Binah, all the way through Tiphareth and across the Abyss, that is such an ordeal that the number of those who could reach the City of Pyramids is in fact secret and no doubt few.

But since “The Law is For All” the fact is most people may not have incarnated to take on such an ordeal.

Now certainly thanks to Tim Leary a lot of people from the 60s to the 90s wound up perhaps catapulting themselves temporarily all the way up the tree of life, and wound up sitting way up there for about 6 hours before coming crashing all the way back down. Doing that over and over is actually more punishing than enlightening, but if it weren’t illegal, pehaps it would make a useful kind of athletic training for people to learn to come back without winding up a flasher in a Canadian city.


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