children of men

I missed this one in theaters, but am watching the DVD, this really kicks ass, its a chillingly realistic future.

Total disorder, armed police everywhere, total polluted environment, and cages of detained immigrants everywhere, and the sperm count is 0.

What people don’t realize is that we’re on the brink of producing a hyperspace engine that will in the next 20 years potentially give us the power to travel to the stars.

This is based on the work of an obscure german physicist, Burkhard Heim who was working to reconcile Einstein’s work.

The other irony is that if the birth rate went to 0, you’d be desperate for every immigrant you could get in order to keep production going, and as the population continued to age, you’d need to continually replace the aging, dying population with new people.

So although Children of Men is a finely done drama, and a great “wake up call” for modern society, its possible the future could turn out very different, especially as ordinary people figure out how to build their own hyperspace technology.

I think Thelema is destined to be the philosophy of the star voyagers, even though this seems impossible, and at the moment we’re living in the Dark Ages.


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