liber e

Well, if you are interested in the work of the A:.A:. anyone can get started on their own simply using the instructions in liber e.

If done right you find yourself really starting to hurt at first.

When I first got started I made some mistakes, having thought the work is easier than it actually is. You have to determine the nature of the work itself, but if its effective, you’ll know because you’ll “feel the burn.”

Not everyone can necessarily do yoga, I can do yoga, but still can’t do every asana, you have to know your limits, but then also constantly strain against them, without going so far across them that you kill the vehicle.

Now I’m about to go jack myself up, one more time. However its not destructive pain, its not sadism or masochism. Its simply an old tent pole, but damn just try holding the pole up in one hand all night long, and don’t tell me you don’t feel the burn.


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