HGA report

Ok, this is an attempt to do a strict, correct magick journal entry, which format I’ll try to use to document my daily work.

Time: 12:40am-1:30am
Weather: Normal calm california night
Physical: My back was very out of whack from an apparent accumulation of energy
Environment: I had arranged a new set of items upon my altar, I added a small crystal ball, and an ankh with the seal of the A:.A:. attached to the front. This was to act as the focus for meditation.
I decided I needed to try kundalini again, that this is needed to clear the energy. Ironically basic good posture seems to become increasingly important, I need to make an effort to clear my spinal channel of the excess energy.

I started with yoga, doing my beginner’s routine. In the middle I paused for 15 minutes and stared into the sigil. This had an interesting result, I found myself going into a very deep trance. After 10 minutes of trance I pulled myself out and then went back into the yoga, finishing with the asana that is similar to the flame pose of the mass.

Then I did a regular lrbp, which I now have memorized, using my dull little sword with the angel on the hilt. Then I did Lon’s version of Liber Samekh, this time without the wand, because its clear with the gestures called for that the wand becomes a big pain.

This time I decided not to banish afterwards, just to experiment, because I’m calling on the bornless one to make everything obediant unto me, so why should I banish? In a sense Samekh is like the lrbp on steroids.

But anyways after that I laid on my back to let the energy discharge, and then “aroused my serpent splendor”, imaginging my HGA as a sexy blonde vixen with wings. Then let myself down to calm, and went for a auick shower to rinse off the crud that the yoga pushed out of my pores.

Now my back is still sensitive, but feels much better. I just have to be very gentle, but keep up the kundalini. I’m convinced that even more than raja yoga, the kundalini is the true “royal road”.


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