good info from Bill H.

Well, I’ve been reading Bill’s Abramelin Ramble, that’s good stuff. Especially the bit about how to recognize the angel, if its maing you crazy, it may not be it, but if its forcing you to stop a bad habit like smoking, even when you backslide, even making you crazy by extorting you 24-7 with just only stupid, mom-like messages “stop smoking, eat healthy, lose weight, get a yoga teacher”.

So I keep doing the regular regime, but I do notice that once my back heals up, I need to find a kundalini yoga teacher. Daily practice of kundalini is like the HGA Express, I believe it can get someone there in 3 months if they’re a fairly advanced yoga student to start.

Its not like you acheive HGA and then just quit, perhaps you can switch back to twice a day from going on a week vacation of nothing but workings, but the daily yoga and lrbp/samekh/lrbp is something I’d think you just keep going with, its not like “oh I have HGA, now I can quit”. No, HGA is not just an entity, but a physical practice, a state acheived, like yoga itself, through a continual flow of practice.

Now I need a good teacher for yoga so I don’t mess my back up.

I’ve noticed that weather can effect the intensity, stormy weather seems to amplify the effect.

I’d actually think that I had contacted something other than HGA on 4/1, because it was kinda scary. Except that it was just hammering on me to quit smoking. I backslid and had a smoke, and wham, after doing my usual routine, I’m hammered with this incredibly intense energy, screaming in my head like a pissed off mom “stop smoking, dammit, stop smoking”.

Now I’ve screwed up once again, but hey at least I haven’t smoked more than two stogies this month, that’s far less than most, but I need to get into the kundalini seriously so I quit all that as well as eating meat.

No more bbq beef ribs or camel lights, need to drop all that and have just yoga.


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