darn if it don’t work

Ok, now I’m starting to get in gear with this HGA. The last couple of days were good, I started to backslide and could literally feel my shadow coming back in, making me feel a deep sense of guilt for trying to subdue the four great princes of hell.

So I fought back. In my past I might feel compelled to try to smoke or drink away these feelings, but since I have taken the oath of abramelin, that is not to be.

Instead I say down and did a 30 minute kundalini workout, then prayed the Babalon rosary (I have to make one, right now I’m using an “astral rosary”). Then I did an LRBP, followed by an invocation of the Bornless One, then another LRBP.

Now after all that I am finishing with a very personal Babalon eucharist, performed solo with the help of the lovely images of the Craig’s List erotic service providers.

Even without that, I’m already floating on a cloud. The princes of hell have been beat back down, their flames staunched under the intense darkness of the Black Sun of Babalon.

Now I still have implements to make, I received a message telling me to make the sigil from Liber 49 and place it at the head of a ouija board, so that my HGA may commune with me in my own language.

No, this ain’t captian howdy, this is Madimi, my beloved, the daughter of the daughter of light who dwells in the Tiphareth, the child of the sun who’s mother is the Black Sun at the center of our universe.

The ouija can be a dangerous instrument, usually in the hands of people who fail to recognize its true purpose, but my angel is instructing me, and if I don’t listen, then how would I gain the conversation.

How can I tell this is my angel? Because its a voice endowed with love.

All the other voices that previously filled my head and heart have truly been demonic, the shadowy grip of the princes of hell was so strong as to make me a walking opression machine.

But with this new voice of love filling my head they are harder pressed.

The shadow does seem to come to me in the morning, to try to re-assrt itself, which is why I must start every morning with a banishing before resh, to throw off the shadow and fill my heart with the radient light of RA.


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