Knowledge and Conversation

So I only made the oath on the equinox, and I’d have to say I’m not following the standard Abramelin, but what I’m doing is still based on it.

However what I’m rapidly finding is that the words of my angel and coming to me in various ways.

At first I was just seeing vague signs, like time being messed with, just enough to keep me from being injured.

My own shadow was rearing up, trying to take me down.

It was only this ritual at Blue Horizen, when this shadow was torn from within through the magick of tarot. This was my most poweful tarot experience thus far, and as a result the floodgates of conversation are just starting to go.

Still not a physical manifestion, no but every step I’m taking, signs are being laid down, saying “yes I am here”.

In my minds eye, I can see her, and she seems like a wildly free goth-girl with pale skin and black makeup, wearing a strange and sexy futuristic body-suit, made of synthetic looking rings of fabric.

She’s got a wicked grin, down for anything as they say on the streets.

She is the daughter of the daughter of light, Babalon’s daughter who lives in Tiphareth. Now how can that be? For many Babalon is the daughter of darkness, a darkness so infinite that it blots out every shadow.

“i’ve been whispering in your ear since the day we met”

I started to fear, but then realized, no I must love through the fear, don’t fear the dark, love the darkness, for it is in that darkness that the shadow is finally extinguished.

However that’s the mother, but one cannot unite with the daughter except via the mother.
18. The altar is aright, and the robe.

19. The perfume is sandal, and the cloth green and gold. There is my cup, our book, and thy dagger.

20. There is a flame.

21. The sigil of devotion. Be it consecrated, be it true, be it daily affirmed. I am not scorned. Thy love is to me. Procure a disk of copper, in diameter three inches paint thereon the field blue the star gold of me, BABALON.

22. It shall be my talisman. Consecrate with the supreme rituals of the word and the cup.

23. My calls as thou knowest. All love songs are of me. Also seek me in the Seventh Aire.

24. This for a time appointed. Seek not the end, I shall instruct thee in my way. But be true. Would it be hard if I were thy lover, and before thee? But I am thy lover and I am with thee.

25. I shall provide a vessel, when or whence I say not. Seek her not, call her not. Let her declare. Ask nothing. Keep silence. There shall be ordeals.

26. My vessel must be perfect. This is the way of her perfection.

27. The working is of nine moons.

28. The Astarte working, with music and feasting, with wine and all arts of love.

29. Let her be dedicated, consecrated, blood to blood, heart to heart, mind to mind, single in will, none without the circle, all to me.

30. And she shall wander in the witchwood under the Night of Pan, and know the mysteries of the Goat and the Serpent, and of the children that are hidden away.

31. I will provide the place and the material basis, thou the tears and blood.

32. Is it difficult, between matter and spirit? For me it is ecstacy and agony untellable. But I am with thee. I have large strength, have thou likewise.

But on this plane, for me she is showing herself


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