jack parsons as an under-appreciated giant of america lit

Man, having done 3 years of MFA in heavy critical theory, half my major in critical theory. None of these academic people have even heard of Parsons, maybe they couldn’t even appreciate the aesthetic beauty of his writing, but man passages like this are just beautiful, intense pieces of writing. I like Burroughs and Ginsberg, they were serious writers, but they were lacking the depth of Parsons, for all his problems he wasn’t afraid to go all the way into the depths of himself, making the beats look like a bunch of dog paddlers in comparison, with their rather pedestrian drugs stories.

‘ And one heavily robed and veiled showed me the sign, and told me to look, and hehold, I saw flash below me four past lives wherein I had failed in my object. And I beheld the life of Simon Magus, preaching the Whore Helena as the Sophia, and I saw that my failure was in Hubris, the pride of the spirit. And I saw my life as Giles de Retz, wherein I attempted to raise Jehanne Darc to be Queen of the Witchcraft, and failed through her stupidity, and again my pride. And I saw myself in Francis Hepburne, Earl Bothwell, manipulating Gellis Duncan, that was an unworthy instrument. And again as Count Cagliostro, failing because I failed to comprehend the nature of women in my Seraphina. And I was shown myself as a boy of 13 in this life, invoking Satan and showing cowardice when He appeared. And I was asked: “Will you fail again?” and I replied “I will not fail.” (For I had given all my blood to BABALON, and it was not I that spoke.) ‘


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