"Neophyte" Dangers

I’ve been doing some research lately, but wound up finding once again that a story of fragment from the old aeon can come along and enlighten the new.

In this case I’m thinking of the tempting of the Buddha. You can’t be a “sex magician” if you let sex control you, and as survivor of such, while sex can be a powerful (perhaps even the ultimate) tool, and expression of the divine, just because it can doesn’t mean it is.

So the Buddha had some fine female demons that appeared under the banyan tree to try to sway him from the path of liberation.

Well, that’s been my challenge right there. Maybe I just embarked on the path of the Neophyte at a very young age, because I’ve been doing magick for a really long time, having perhaps retained some stuff from what seems a previous incarnation as an Ottowa shaman.

But there’s nothing like a bad relationship to keep you locked into Malkuth, or even seemingly beneath Malkuth, right, lower than low.

And the stress can be such that one could pass on before acheiving the great work.

So while sex is great (when you can get it for us guys), it can also be a powerful weapon in the hands of the forces of enslavement to keep the aspirant from ever acheiving.

That’s why the A:.A:.’s path is very similar to the Buddhist’s, and the same dangers are in play.

Does Chronozon really want us to fail? Maybe, maybe not, but there is a force in the universe that clearly does not want humans to acheive enligtenment.

The Demiurge or Chronozo is real, otherwise everyone would acheive enlightenment, effortlessly.

Its also necessary, because without opposition growth cannot happen, creativty needs tension.

But Chronozon isn’t just tension, its all out opposition to anything but abject laziness.


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