nice class

We had a nice class from brother scott, in fact I’m often feeling frustrated in the middle of doing a working, feeling tired from work or physically uncomfortable from my arm, etc….

Then I always feel that my astral vision is somewhat unclear and obfuscated, but then I just close my eyes and see something that fits right into the working that I’m not able to see later on.

Now I can’t help but feel that I’m filled with this solar energy, its weird that I go to sleep, get up and then through the day the energy continues, but not overwhelming, just this unusually warm and fuzzy feeling.

I could understand how the fire tablet is a real ordeal, because it has to be very heavy energy that builds.

Now I could do the earth call and I would bet that would lower the energy back down, but it might also slam it down too heavy.

Enochian is really powerful. Even though some might feel it doesn’t have any of the “grounding” of more traditionally based magick like straight qaballistic working, or just taking god-forms.

But I think that Enochian has the potential to form a new tool for the new aeon for doing HGA working, in that it takes a huge amount of resources in SoCal to do the Abramelin.

Plus the Abramelin is completely old-aeon, except for the portion where you “tame the princes of hell”, the hell part being old-aeon, but the one nugget that makes Abramelin still relevant is that idea that after acheiving a certain level of spiritual attainment you have the ability to take control of your own subconscious, that is Thelemic, and that’s why the book is still partially relevant, beyond just being one of the classics of magick.

I’m reading Abramelin, and am working on devotion, but am taking a somewhat different approach.

But its not necessarily a weird approach, Jason Newcomb mentions this approach in his HGA book. Rodney O. suggests “getting over hang-ups” and just imagine yourself as “Lola” from The Wake World.

While that is workable, its not in line with my experience. Having survived some very extreme experiences from a young age, I had certain brief HGA experiences, and then later in my “youthful indescretion” phase I had some more HGA experiences.

Because these were tied to either extreme situations or alteration, I wasn’t having what is known in acronym as the K&C of HGA.

How do I know its my HGA? How do I know I’m not just being followed by a succubus?

After all, according to the fundies, the only way to “get to heaven” is through “christ”, and that only after death. And for the ald-aeon gnostic orders the only way to “get to heaven” in life is through the “christ”.

But that’s actually an externalization. Just as we know that we rotate and orbit around the Sun, we know that the HGA is not some external “christ son of god”, but our higher selves.

That’s where I would call this the “Baphomet Working”, in that Baphomet is symbolic of the HGA/Magician composite entity, which appears hermaphroditic on the astral plane because its a compound entitity.


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