swimming with sharks

I was watching stupid TV, and they throw on this guy who likes to swim with great white sharks. The only problem there is that “white man” isn’t as compelling as “grizzley man”, though somehow I’d think you stand a better chance with a warm blooded creature, but maybe not, sharks are probably smarter than we think, and maybe if they see a person close up in the water, not afraid, then they don’t recognize him as food. I guess he just doesn’t want to shave just before jumping in the water.


2 thoughts on “swimming with sharks

  1. One can swim with a white shark in the right conditions. Basically you try to avoid the times and conditions that they ordinarily feed in, and, of course, you don’t jump in the water if the sharks are biting your boat and otherwise act aggressively. I have been advised that if they show only their bottom teeth they are more docile, and when they show their top teeth, its time to get out of the water. I have a nice shark photo (not a white shark) on my blog, and will be adding more shortly. All from my trip to the Bahamas where we fed and photographed the beasties.

  2. That makes sense, I had a friend who kept rattlesnakes as pets, very dangerous, but if one knows what one is doing you can even turn a rattler into a pet, though I’m sure it was illegal for him to do so, but that was back in the whacky 1980s.

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