The Daughter of the Daughter of Light

Well, I think I finally found what I was looking for. I picked up Abrahadabra by Rodney O., that’s a very nice intro book, and he’s got a very cool “thelemecized” version of the LBRP, which uses the same god names as the Star Ruby, but has the same purpose of the LBRP, which is actually more centering than banishing.

But then I came upon Al Billings’ Enochian LBRP, and then did some reading in a couple of enochian dictionaries and found this figure known as the Daughter of the Daughter of Light.

There’s also a Daughter of Light, but this does seem to be a Babalon figure, even though you also have the Daughter of Fortitude, but I have a feeling its the same being.

Rodney says in Abrahadabra that when working K&C of HGA, you need to picture yourself as a woman, being met by a male lover.

Well, given my past this just doesn’t work for me. Not that I hate men, but mentally transforming myself into Lola from The Wake World doesn’t work for me.

So I will just be working on invoking the Daughter of the Daughter, who in my opinion is the princess who lives in Tiphareth who will come down to save the fallen prince from Malkuth.

But then there’s still two potential problems, one being that the cross doesn’t really include tipareth, because its keyed to the “kingdom, the power and the glory”, but I think that Crowley placed Aiwass as a connector, connecting the tipareth to the kingdom.

Then the second problem, what name to use for the Daughter of the Daughter of Light? I’d just go with what’s easiest to pronounce, but here’s the full list of names:



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