Crowley’s talk on Gilles de Rais

Read an interesting transcript of a Crowley lecture on Gilles de Rais, basically the accusations levelled against de Rais are so ludicrous that they simply don’t make logical sense.

We’re not immune to our own buring times, but most of the victims of the 80s “satanic panic” were ordinary people who were not even remotely involved in the occult.

Prosecutors didn’t seem to be much into going after real occultists because they tend to do everything above the board and also have access to legal representation. But oridnary working people were railroaded into prison over testimony from kids put through an extreme process.

Now most victims of childhood abuse don’t fully come to grips with what they survived till adulthood. That’s why the wave of abuse accusations against the church comes at a time when the statute of limitations has expired, so most of the predators can continue to abuse kids because the young victims don’t understand what’s going on until later in life.

So thing like the McMartin trial were very suspect, even though Icke claims that archaeologists found “evidence of a tunnel”, the fact is people don’t understand what the occult is for.

Crowley explains that in the middle ages, any knowledge was considered evil, so Gilles
Even witchcraft was a social, rather than a spiritual phenomena.

Crowley explains that Gilles was likely simply working on alchemy, but that was enough to run afoul of the church, also as soon as he was killed the church was happy to take over all of his possesions.

La Bas, by Huysmans, assumes that de Rais did in fact “fall” and become a “diabolist”.

But Crowley points out its highly unlikely that a person could get away with 800 murders, even in the middle ages. Wouldn’t people start to raise arms after the 400th child?

But the crimes de Rais was accussed of are chillingly similar to the same accusations levelled during the satanic panic.

Not because these are real practices, but because they are fears that resonate deeply in the human psyche.

And because its easier to blame phanton “satanic cults” for child abuse than to own up to the fact that the mainstream culture itself is abusive of children, there are no phantoms to blame, only friends, family, schools, churches, and the system itself. But its far easier to blame the phantoms.

The ruling class gets by via a savage venality, being less morally bound than most.

Magick doesn’t make you an earthly ruler, usually that comes from inheritance. And supposedly “open america” is just as stratified as the uk.

Magick is that SOMETHING you Can take with you, because you’re trasnceding the material.

Most big money people are either inheritors who just spend life hanging around, or really brutal, venal competitors who push people around but have little sophistication.

The NY art scene is a good example, where the artists who get hot become like demi-gods, I espcially love “minimalism” where a popular artist can get millions for drawing one straight line across the side of a canvas.


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