The power of the Resh

Well, I’ve been trying to draw down some light energy from my old pal, the Sun, to get my apartment, but it looks like I can get out of my rent-trap for sure now, so I’ll be moving all weekend, but will finally get out of the pirates of the marina-be-ans.

Its incredibly expensive by the boats, when I first lived there I surrepitiously lived on someone’s boat.

But when you keep drawing on that energy 4 times a day it seems that there’s some nice energy developed day after day, I got so used to getting screwed in my pre-magick past that I start to jump to conclusions too fast these days.

But ultimately its just suprising that Skid Row isn’t much larger than it is, given how tough a city LA can be. But since I’m from here I ultimately have that “safety net”, even though it would drive me insane to move back home.

Ultimately I won’t have to do that, because that’s not my will and these days that’s all I’m trying to do.


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