Dark Matter and Alternate Realities

Well, when you start researching, sometimes you run across some nice tidbits, I sure did, turns out most of the universe is composed of strange stuff indeed.

Just what does it mean? Well I ran across this interesting book, Vodou Quantum Leap.

The author is a Hatian medical doctor who’s like Vodoun’s answer to the taoist Gary Zukav.

Its some really wild stuff, after having read the whole book, I’m now going back and trying to check out some of the information, to see if its just wild conjecture, but in fact it turns out to be grounded in real physics.

Its interesting how physics is getting closer and closer to figuring out that which magick or alchemy could alone explain.

I think people underestimate the impact that the psychedelic revolution of the 60s-70s made on modern physics, both experimental and theoretical.

It simply allowed people to consider more possibilities, there were fewer rules, so nw we have the idea of a wave structure to reality.

After having read Dr. Crosley’s book, I can see that if you follow his theories into the other universe of thelemites, you need to do godforms, because if you really, really do it right its possible to enter into a “composite state”, in that apparently “dark matter” and “light (reflecting) matter” can potentially occupy the same space at the same time.

Envoking the HGA is really almost like Voltron, in a sense, in that the dark matter part is united with the light matter to compose a new, composite being, that now has capabilites to interact with “parallel realities”.


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