my first book of the law

Well, I won’t call this an “idiot’s guide”, but life is often crappy enough that it can become an easy temptation to take certain parts literally.

Lately I’ve had moments of extreme frustration that would even lead me to take this literally:
“Kill and torture, spare not”, but then thinking that way could limit my income by landing myself a government job these days.

The third part of the book of the law is the mystery. Taken literally it sounds a lot like the “War on Terror”, because we are torturing and killing these people without mercy.

But, the gods need us here to embody them, to do our wills, so why the heck would they seemingly call upon us to wipe each other out?

Well, that’s probably a pointer that the literal interpretation of the Book of the Law is a mistake.

I’ve been thinking of how experience itself, but especially trauma and abuse, have a way of dividing one’s will over time.

Can’t help but think that the gods mean us to be merciless against that which divides our will, and in doing so, divides us from divine embrace.

Now sometimes there is a time for fighting, in WWII America fought for the freedom of the world, only to lose it at the end by succumbing to the cold war, in that sense you could say the Nazis didn’t totally lose the war, because in its aftermath of the cold war, much freedom was lost.

But usually the war isn’t a literal one, its the war against our own divided will.

Some might feel that part III is telling us to be without compassion, to look at the victims of katrina with a hard heart, no sympathy.

But I can’t believe that’s what the gods want. Every person who dies with an unfulfilled life, or is unjustly killed, robs someone who could be helping to bring the gods down to earth.

They have a need for us, to bring them into ourselves in loving unity. They don’t need blood, Nuit asks naught in sacrifice.


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