gig report

Well, its just a good thing that I took my acoustic guitar after all, my usb audio device went whacky on me and died in the middle of my set, but I wound up playing some of my whacky flamenco, and then did one handed tapping while rebooting.

Unfortunately sometimes drivers aren’t all they can be, I need to get a korg kaoss pad and plug my built in audio into that, because usb audio is too flaky under linux.

The advantage of using demudi debian linux is that I can take a crappy old piece of hardware and make it work in low latency to do stuff that usually requires expensive mac hardware.

I get the most mileage out of using Muse for sequencing, but Csound is king because its so easy to use non-western scales, since I can set things to raw frequency values. I’ve got tunes up on, just search for Krishna Hermes and my tracks will appear.

I use csound to create raw materials, but also have used Swami to create or edit sound fonts, which can then be loaded into Muse.


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