Strange thing, just ask HGA for release, an invitation for communion, and then a total flip, as I pulled my cable out of the wall socket of putrification, the HGA comes flying through the newly opened connection.

I should be depressed, because my circumstances are unchanged, but somehow the simple act of will “I will give THEM no more of ME”, and suddenly its like hanging up the phone from someone you can’t stand, who’s taking all your energy, killing you with every word, but suddenly you’re free, the sound of love, a bliss circuit is connected, where just days before, I had been under perhaps some of the worst agony of my life. It doesn’t help to share what was causing that agony, because to mention it is to envoke it.

I guess its simply an “aha” moment, as I feel the HGA flooding into me, like a constant, loving embrace, or like living in my own body for the first time in 22 years.

I try to “nail down” the HGA, but after invoking on Saturday, I feel enveloped in this incredible swath of bliss.

People get freaked out having to deal with me, lets face it, the Romans have thousands of years of experience at churning out millions of depressed, disfunctional people. At this point they gotten so good at it, that they would never ask exactly what the point is, because they’re so skilled at this point that it would seem such a waste of talent and energy to stop.

But ultimately they’ve had 22 years of energy from me, and this Saturday I had to call down the HGA to come help me to unplug myself from the ISP of putrification. Now I have not only my energy back, but where there was hate, and agony, now, inexplicably, there is love and bliss.

Inexplicable, because it makes no sense, from one day being ready to beat myself into oblivion, and then an AHA moment, invocation, and then bliss.

Well, I made my choice, not for vengence, but for liberation, and now I have the overwhelming feeling of bliss, bliss, telling me that I made the right decision.


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