best Mass ever

Yesterday I had my Gnostic Catholic confirmation. Intersting, the host in the E.G.C. is called a “cake of light”, and the whole ceremony is so balanced, when its done right intense states of trance can be acheived.

I was at LVX and the candles were just pouring out an insane amount of light, I was floating all the way up to the valley in anticipation, but once it got underway the black and white tiles of the floor transmitted me to another dimension. Which points out why its so important to have a black and white tiled floor, for any sacred space, but even for a meditation space.

Too bad they don’t make tiled yoga mats, hmm, maybe that would be a nice sideline.

Anyways in the process of gaining confirmation, I acheived an intense level of trance, more intense than ever before.

Ands that’s without chymical “enhancements”, that’s just bored old water drinking me traveling into another place.

Thus it dawns on me, I was first confirmed as a Roman Catholic, and am a recovering survivor of Roman priest abuse, the details of which are really too horrible to go into here. But needless to say there’s a lot of evidence that the Roman Church esentially took their authority by force, that in fact they really have no legitimate apostolic sucesseion.

I believe this is true, the Gnostics have the only surviving legitimate lineage to the Christ and Magdalen.

Of course some people would claim we have no legitimate lineage, but in that case Crowley just did a beautiful job of constructing the rituals, he really tapped into something real and old, because the process is so beautiful and powerful, and the people are so great, I’ve really not met such a great set of people in what is usually a social wasteland, Los Angeles.

Anyways when you read the Gnostic texts discovered since the ’40s, you realize that the Christ of the Romans (and born-agains) is nothing like the realy Christ of history, their Christ is soley a model of a Solar God used to gain ultimate obediance from the people, necessary in that age to develop advanced civilization, but in this age will lead to all out Nuclear Holocaust if its not given up for the new teaching, which is, do your will, don’t try to demand obediance of others, obediance leads to war, which leads to death on massive scales.

So the “mainline religions” of today that refuse to adapt, such as Islam and the Roman Church, become dangerous hives of abuse, even if their formula continues to work for some.

The problem is that the new Aeon demands that we take on a new model, since we know that the earth goes around the sun, and the sun’s death cycle is not one day but billions and billions of days (enough aeons for us to evolve to beings of total spirit, who don’t even need the light of the sun or the fruit of the earth to exist), now that this knowledge is widely known, there is no return.

The way we interact with each other has to change. Your true will could never be to try to coerce or control others, will is something very personal, when you follow the path of thelema, you confront the shadow side and conqueror it, because ultimately it prevents one from even finding that will.

In the old aeon simple obediance and faith in the hierarchy was enough, but when the earth was bathed in spirit-fire in 1904ev, that ceased to work, and the suddenly dysnfunctional world plunged into a devastating set of world wars, as technology quickly outran consciousness, and our own material nature threatens to destroy the whole womb of this earth.

Funny that “anti-abortion” people tend to also advocate an all out plunder of the earth but what they fail to see is that this is aborting every life form on our planet, when they point the finger at a doctor they fail to see that by taking money from polluting companies, that have become mega-abortionists.


1 thought on “best Mass ever

  1. Hi Magick Catholic, Aum Christus. Crowley was into the fallen angels and one of his magickal working names was “the Beast” so I’m not really drawn to him. I’m into the Jesus Tradition in India, which is closely aligned to the Christian wisdom tradition, the non-canonical gospels of Mary, Philip and Thomas, etc. Deep meditation is of profound importance. My stuff’s at Blessed Be, Aumen-el, Aum Shanti to you.

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